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Summer In Hindsight

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  • General Admission $12

September 23, 2021

  • Thursday 6:00 PM

Summer In Hindsight is a feature-length movie starring musician Calvin Arsenia, written by artist Peregrine Honig, directed by Khitam Jabr, and filmed by Jeremy Osbern. The narrative follows a creative young man navigating a global pandemic during the summer of 2020. The story is shot in iconic Kansas City spaces emptied of attendance by COVID -19 health precautions.

The audience is allowed into each space through the eyes of a distracted musician playing himself. Calvin Arsenia attempts to remain employed and in good spirits as the infrastructure to perform to anyone crumbles in front of him. Each scene is based on the thirteen fashion designers chosen for the 20th year of The West 18th Fashion Show. This annual evening event focuses on a 100-foot runway constructed on a one-way city street created to platform regional conceptual garment makers. The collections pivot from the Bauhaus original application theme and lead the eye through land-scapes of art and installation, botanical gardens, and casual habits altered by change.

Regnier Extreme Screen Theatre
57 min
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